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        45x30mm Bond Paper Rolls
        Your present position:45x30mm Bond Paper Rolls
        45x30mm Bond Paper Rolls
        No. HY-BP4530-65G


        Thermal paper roll

        Regular Size(width & Φ)
        Any size are available

        80mm×80mm, 57mm×50mm, 75mm×50mm, 44mm×70mm, 3 1/8’’×220’, 2 1/4’’×85’etc.

        customize size

        Core type paper core, plastic core: 13×17mm, 18×25mm, 26×34mm (7/16'') (1/2'' core).etc
        Material 100% wood pulp
        Weight (g/㎡) 50, 55, 65, 70
        Usage Pos / Fax / ATM / Cash register machine ..........
        Key performance Double coating surface
        Clear image displayed last for 2-3 years
        Good in tightness and no paper jam
        Smooth surface and nice brightness
        Sample lead time 2-5 days
        Payment Terms 30% T/T as deposit, the rest should be finished before delivery
        Production time about 15 days after the receipt of deposit.